Nail Art Essentials and Tools

Since it is hard to get to the salon on a regular basis and keep your nails looking proper you can create whatever nail designs you want with this list on hand. If you can't make your appointment are you just love doing your own nail art here are the tools that you will need to take your game to the next level.

1. Matte topcoat - this will instantly give your nails a cool girl, non-glossy modern finish. You can find a wide selection of high quality manicure items from the leading brands at Kohls. When you shop online you not only save your time and money but also can take advantage of great deals regularly offered by the retailer. 

Matte Top Coat

2. Nail polish correcting pen - you don't have to be a professional nail artist to end up with flawless looking males. We just need to clean up around your nail bed properly for a clean and professional finish. You can use a polish-erasing pen that with a precision tip when doused and polish remover can erase any mistake along the sidewalls of your nails easily.

Nail Polish Correcting Pen

3. Glitter nail polish remover pads - if you love glitter but think it's a pain to get off, then you need to invest in a textured pad that can help you swipe off any final nail glitter in a flash.

Glitter Nail Polish Remover Pads

4. Nail repair formula - if you are constantly putting on false nails and are getting gel nails, your nails can become dry and brittle. Give your natural nails a break for a week and apply a formula nightly that can be applied nightly that restores and conditions your nails to a healthy strong state while your polish free.

Nail Repair Formula

5. Striping tape - this is a very thin metallic tape that can be applied and kept on your nail to enhance your nail art and pressed onto your nail to create super straight lines and then lifts away.

Striping Tape

6. Transfer foils - foil paper creates a cool design when you're paint on your nails is the base and then you apply a clear glue over top, then press and pull the tape away, which leaves behind imperfect traces of foil on your nails for a very cool look.

Transfer Foils

7. Dotter tool - if you want to make tiny or large dots on your nails, created design using a series of circles, a dotter tool is the way to go. It creates larger small dots.

Dotter Tool

8. Striper brush - you can pick one of these up at a beauty supply store or use just a small thin paintbrush. This tiny brush creates thin lines and intricate detail. Make sure to properly clean the brush before you dip it into another shade.

Striper Brush

9. Loose glitter - to take your manicure to the next level you can sprinkle loose glitter over your base color while it's still wet.

Loose Glitter

10. Studs - if you want 3D embellishments on your nails you can add any kind of crystals or iridescent shavings in your nail kit all of which you can get at a local craft store.

Nail Art Studs

11. Domed Pearls - you can also add pearls and crystals to a nail kit to dollop your digits.

Domed Pearls

12. Nail Stickers/Wraps - if you don't have time to create cool nail art, you can pick up a premade design and press it on your fingertips.

Nail Wraps Stickers

13. LED Nail Lamp - most gel polishes require an LED lamp to cure for a longer-lasting result.

LED Nail Lamp

14. Good quality stable shades - a sheer pink, classic red, opaque white and black polish is a must in your nail kit because they are classics.

Classic Shades

15. Nude polish - barely their polish is perfect when you want to wear shade but don't want it to be noticeable. It also gives the illusion of longer fingers.

Nude Polish

16. Metallic polish - these are gold, rose gold, purple, mermaid blue and silver and can be worn with anything these days.

Metallic Nail Polish

17. Pastel polish - these are light and airy colors welcome in the fall as much as they are in the spring and summer and they are perfect alternative to nude shades.

Pastel Polish

18. Glitter polish - this is the easiest polish to use because it is the most forgiving.

Glitter Polish

19. Jewel tone polish - these are super rich jewel tones and perfect for adding to any outfit.

Jewel Tone Polish

20. Vibrant hues - to make your nail art pop you can use vibrant shades such as fuchsia, teal, hot pink, orange and yellow.

Vibrant Hues