17 Ways to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Making Manicure

Here are some tricks to keep your nails looking fabulous:

1. Use a cotton swab to wipe your nails down with white vinegar before applying a base coat. This removes any product build up her natural oils on your nail bed that can create a barrier between the polish. When the nails dry, apply the base coat.

2. Don't soak your nails before painting them. Often manicurists do this to soften cuticles, but it actually causes the nails to retain water and expand. Once they are painted they will shrink, meaning a polish will no longer fit your nails. So ask your manicurist to use cuticle oil instead.

3. File your nails into a shape that mirrors your cuticle and they are less likely to break.

4. Avoid getting any polish on your cuticles, which lifts the paint from the nail and leads to chipping. Don't cut your cuticles but just push them back using cuticle oil and orange stick or a pusher tool to prevent paint from getting on them.

Make Your Manicure Last Longer

5. Use a sticky basecoat to make the polish last longer.

6. Apply two coats of the basecoat to the tips of your nails. Nail tips are more prone to chipping and apply another layer of basecoat to the top half their nails for extra polish resilience.

7. Instead of shaking your polish up and down, roll up between your hands to eradicate and prevent air bubbles. If you paint air bubbles under nails they will chip faster.

8. Don't skip the free edge of your nails. Run the basecoat paint and topcoat around the edge to ensure your entire nail is sealed.

9. Dry your nails with cool air. Hot air keeps the polish from drying so use your own blow dryer on cool. Dipping fingertips in ice water also aids in drying.

10. Reapply a layer of clear topcoat every two or three days to prevent chipping and enhance shine.

Make Your Manicure Last Longer

11. Wash your hands with mild soap instead of using hand sanitizer, which dries out your nails and ruins topcoat.

12. Apply nail oil daily to prevent your nails from drying out and splitting. The less moisture your nails and cuticles have, the more likely they are to break and tear.

13. If your nail polish has started chipping, file your tips down and seal them with another layer of topcoat.

14. Hide your gel manicure that has grown out by covering the base of your nails with glitter and creating an ombre effect. The best way to distract from a chipped or overgrown manicure is glitter.

15. If the tips of your nails have chipped, and super thin French tip. You will no longer be chipping and have a cool updated look.

16. Wear gloves when doing the dishes to protect your manicure. The best way to ruin a manicurist to submerge your nails in hot water and harsh cleaning chemicals.

17. If you have chipped a nail, smooth the polished ridge with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover.