7 Nail Trends of 2018

Trends come and go, but fashion is forever. Nail fashion, that is. 2017 has seen some stunning trends and some that we would like to forget. 2018 breathes life to a whole different nail world. New trends appear every year, and every year beauty enthusiasts eagerly wait for them. So let's not waste any time and dive right in to find out what polish will we be wearing in 2018. Here is a list of seven trends that we will be seeing a whole lot:

1. Matte Black

Matte Black Color of Nails

Just like vehicle color last year, matte has reached our nails this year. Instead of your usual shiny coat, apply mattifying top on whatever color you choose. Our advice is black for edgy sophistication. You will definitely be noticed with this subtle take on your My Chemical Romance days from long ago.

2. Classic Red

Classic Red Color of Nails

What was once old is new again in the world of fashion. This circle is never ending. The bright red has seen a period of hibernation in the last few years, but it has definitely made a comeback. We will be seeing a lot of true 90's red with extra shiny top coat from beaches to summer parties this year.

3. Blocked-Off

Blocked-Off Nail Art

This trend screams modern perfectionism. This method offers extremely clean lines and guarantees that you won't disappear in the crowd. All you have to do is apply a clean coat, let it dry, and then create the clean, perfectly angled blocks of polish that will cover only about 1/3 of the nail bed. Stick a tape over the 2/3 of bottom nail and then color the top. Then peel the tape off and apply a clear coat over the entire nail. This combination looks stunning when you combine metallic blocks with clear coat.

4. Single Accents

Single Accents Nail Art

The accent nail is definitely in this year. This is a statement manicure, so you will need clean and perfectly shaped nail and nonexistent polish color. The black stripe on your accent finger will be like a ring and will draw attention to your bare hand. To achieve this look just draw a straight black line across the middle of your accent nail, and then cover all nails with clear top coat. You can use two pieces of tape to guide you.

5. Outlines

Outlines Nail Art

Whatever colors you will choose for your nail, the outlines will make it a fashionable statement. Let's say you like bright green paint your nails with two green coats, let dry completely, and then use a nail-art pen to outline your entire nail. Use dark shade for that extra pop. Once you complete the framed affect, cover the entire nail with clear coat to seal everything in.

6. Super Nudes

Super Nudes Nail Art

Nudes have been in for a while, but this year's nudes are completely nude. They don't just make your nail nude-ish with a few tones darker or lighter color. 2018 nude actually strives to match your skin tone so perfectly that your nail completely blends in and looks like an extension of your skin, enriched with a shiny moisturizer.

7. Dipped Tips

Dipped Nail Art

This is not a variation of outlined French or American style, this is actually dipped tips, as the name suggests. The very edge of your nail is dipped in a color, so that you can still see the tip itself. You can do it yourself by freehand painting your nails by wiggling just the edge of the nail polish brush over the tip of your nails. Do that after applying the top coat and finish with another layer of top coat. This style chips easily, so use gel based top coat to keep it intact longer.