10 Things You Can Do With Nail Polish

Costume Jewelry Change Color

1. Prevent new costume jewelry from tarnishing with clear nail polish

When air hits the metal, it oxidizes and changes color. Clear lacquer can lock out the air, which keeps your costume jewelry looking new.

2. Prevent a run in your stockings from getting worse with clear nail polish

We've all been there at work or in an event and you have a running your tights. Keep a bottle of clear nail polish and painted over the chair as it hardens it helps stops the run in its tracks.

3. Instantly change the color of costume jewelry with nail polish

If you're tired of an old necklace and earrings or ring change the look by painting faux jewels with the pop of color in a do-it-yourself version. Simply lay the accessory flat in a paper towel and begin to paint.

4. Paint your regular bobby pins a vibrant color or with glitter polish to add color to your hairstyle

If you want to amp up your regular old bobby pins, hold the bottom piece apart from the top piece and paint the tops only. Slip them onto an envelope or note card to let them dry.

5. Thread a needle faster by running the thread over a base or topcoat

If you're trying to sell a button and it's frustrating to get the thread through the tiny needles whole, you can drag the cut thread through a nail polish and it will harden the thread and allow it to slip right through.

6. Paint your keys you can tell which key is for which lock

If you've moved into a new apartment the best way to remember which key goes with what lock is to color-coded your keys. It also makes a keychain look prettier and a coat won't interfere with your key slipping into the keyhole.

7. Sealed envelopes with a clear top or basecoat

If you don't like licking envelope seal them by painting the underside of the flap with clear polish.

8. Store your nail polish in an upright box with painted stickers on top to indicate the colors

You can keep your polishes organized by painting a stripper polish on an adhesive file folder label punching out a hole and stick the paint sample on top of the nail polish bottle.

9.Use nail polish to add a pop of color to the sole of your shoe

You can paint the soul of your high heels as a way to update them for spring. Colored opaque formulas work best since they won't reveal the true color of your soul that you can also go for high littered paint. Use masking tape along the edge of the shoe where it meets the soul to avoid getting pain on any other part. Allow to dry before you apply a second coat and then pull off the tape.

10. Cover up a scratch on scuffed shoes or boots

It can be hard to find shoe polish so try finding a nail polish that matches instead. The color can look different when it's applied so make sure you test it and give it a minute to dry to see if it is close enough to match your shoes.