Diginailart home service

Diginailart is a revolution in the field of home services. Now is the time when automation has replaced particular human skills that require creativity. Now everyone who purchased a nail art machine and gained some experience in applying various coats of nail polish and other means for manicure has a good chance to start earning money on a regular basis. What Kurt Vonnegut Jr. predicted in his "Player Piano" becomes a reality even today and it is fascinating.

But printing nail art designs or painting them by hand using a brush is only part of nail care. There is a range of nail problems a specialist in manicure faces and has to deal with.

During the last five years nail art machines have greatly improved. The speed of printing has increased and new gels and nail polish formulas that dry fast have been developed. It should be noted that compared to the manual method of painting nail art designs the whole process takes much less time and the printed design turns out more elaborate and of higher quality. All other methods of nail care didnít change much since the inception of the nail art machines. So at our Site we will describe the whole manicure process for you to get the clear and objective picture of contemporary nail art.

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